Thursday, 11 October 2012

Jeacock's Orchard

Just some of the things available from Anything Arty!
This is Bertie and me in front of the stall, he's actually behaving himself for once!!
As well as running my Art clubs, I also have a stall on Tring Farmers' market! This is where I sell, hopefully, to the general public. The market happens to co-incide with Tring Market Auctions, so we often get people wandering to us in between lots being called!

Times are tough at present and as a market we've seen it happening for some time. Unfortunately being a farmers' market makes people think that we're expensive, but in reality, if people compared supermarket prices to ours, they'd see that's not true. And what better way to shop then by chatting to the actual producers of the food. Think local, seasonal and affordable and that would be Tring Farmers' market!!

On my stall I sell things that are 'hand-made 'and 'hand-painted'  like cards, jewellery and painted pebbles!
So Sunday saw me at an 'Apple day' at a local orchard, with entertainment from Tempus Experientia, a band of heritage performers, locally produced food, cakes, preserves, honey and cream teas.
The sun was shy until later on in the day but the rain stayed away and it was a great success!

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