Monday, 22 October 2012

Farmers' market Apple fayre

On Saturday 20 October the Farmers' market held their annual apple fayre which is just one event of many that happen to celebrate Apple Day!

Morris dancers at the ready!

After the awful weather of Friday, thankfully the rain had stopped and we had a dry morning. As part of the fun the local schools brought along scarecrows which were judged when they arrived at the market! The children, parents and Morris 'sides' appeared in a colourful procession, the market was jammed packed! Goldfield school was presented with first prize, but all the schools did a great job and the children looked like they'd really enjoyed themselves?

The Pony and Trap

Food to sample from local restaurants
The Morris dancing begun after the pony and trap appeared bringing our deputy mayoress and a wonderful array of apples. There was Cider, apple pressing, food to sample from local restaurants and all of our great market stalls.

It was brilliant to see the market as busy as it was and I hope that we will have converted a few more people into shopping with us?!


  1. Hi Jane, just found this. I missed the Apple fair. First time I've seen your work, fantastic

  2. Hi Kitty, haven't been very active with my blog, I really must work at it a bit more! Thanks for the kind words!