Monday, 12 November 2012

Halloween fun!

Pumpkins made with strips of paper and split pins.

Funky colours
Scary bats made from loo roll tubes!
Halloween's always a fun time to get creative with simple strips of paper and a bit of recycling. These projects are really simple but effective and can be made to either stand around or be hung in windows!

For the pumpkins you need approx' 6 strips of paper (you could have more, just experiment!) about 15mm across and again the length will determine how big your pumpkin is so play around! You also need some split pins, two for each pumpkin you make. Don't forget to draw a face! Make a hole in each of the strips, at both ends, try to make the holes in the same place as this makes lining them up for the split pin a lot easier. Make a nice green leaf for the top of your pumpkin and punch a hole in it and attach to the top, then put both split pins through and open up the backs. The fun part is pulling the paper strips apart to form your pumpkin. 

For the bats you will need a toilet roll tube, black paint, black paper, googly eyes or some white paper to draw eyes and teeth, glue stick, stapler, scissors and pencil.

To start with push the top part of the tube flat and cut a V shape out to form both of the bats ears. Paint the tube all round using the black paint. Leave to dry. 
While waiting get your bat wings drawn out in pencil and cut out. If you don't have any googly eyes then draw some onto white paper and make some sharp teeth, cut out. Once the tube is dry, attach eyes and teeth with a glue stick and staple the wings onto the top of the tube. 
At this point you could also attach a string or some wool to hang the bats up somewhere, where they will catch the breeze and fly!!