Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Well it's been some time since I last wrote anything on this blog and we're in February already!! Art Club started back late January and we've been busy trying out some papier mache. The children have made bowls, some made them using balloons and the others have moulded theirs using paper or plastic bowls.

We started off with paper bowls
covered in cling film. We put loads of PVA
glue on and stuck a selection of
coloured tissue paper strips on.

We then put a middle layer of news paper
on with a good layer of glue.

And finished off with a final layer
of coloured tissue paper!
Then we left them to dry.
When they were dry, we peeled off the bowl and cling film
and were left with lovely little trinket or sweetie bowls!
BUT no good for your cereal!!!
Of course if you made the bowls using just news paper you have the fun of painting them when they're dry, for our balloon bowls we used poster paint and acrylics!