Thursday, 11 October 2012

Etsy & Folksy!

These days as a seller you need to have your fingers in lots of pies and in my case that means having an 'Etsy' shop and one on 'Folksy'!

Make a name!
Etsy is a global selling site, with people posting items up for sale from all over the world, Folksy is the British version.

Letter pebbles buy one or make names like the picture above!
I've been on Etsy for just over a year now and it's taken a whole year to establish myself and to get any sales. But it's an interesting community with some incredibly talented people.
My Folksy shop is just in it's infancy so I envisage it taking a little bit of time, what with the economy being so slow at present.

'Menagerie' just one of the many themed pebble bags you can buy!
I also have some space at The Courtyard Gallery in Wendover, Bucks, it's a great place to shop with some wonderful art and jewellery and well worth a visit! And if you need some picture framing done then go no further than 'A little bird told me' run by the lovely Mel Bird!

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